My Top Ten Favourite Bodyography Products

Bodyography is a makeup product made in America and was launched in South Africa in September 2013. I was introduced to it by a fellow Makeup Artist and since then I have fallen in love with it! It is a great product for every day use as well as using it in your professional kit. After working with it for a few months on clients and using it personally I have compiled a list of my top products with a little bit of a review.


1. Stippling Brush

My absolute favourite product from Bodyography which goes hand in hand with my second favourite product is Bodyography’s Stippling Brush. It is cost effective and makes applying liquid foundation so much easier! Leaving you with a flawless finish. I also love using it to apply blush as the colour is more build able. It can also be used to apply powder. This brush is a definite must have in any makeup kit from your own personal home kit to a professional kit.


2. Natural Finish Foundation

This foundation provides a natural to medium coverage. It settles into the skin leaving your skin looking “refreshed” without seeming as though you actually have foundation on. No one wants someone commenting on how stunning your foundation looks, you want them to comment on how stunning your skin looks! You do not need to set this foundation with a powder as it has a powder finish but you can if you prefer.

Additional products can be mixed in with the foundation to create different looks:
* The concealer can be mixed in for a heavier coverage.
* Radiance Boost can be used under the foundation in specific areas (Brow bone, cupids bow, down
the centre of the nose and cheek bones) as a highlighter or it can be mixed in with the foundation for
a dewy glow.
* If you mix the Face Bronzer and Foundation you will have a JLO Glow.


3. Primer

Bodyography’s primers are skin care products and primers. They fill in all the fine lines and even out the skin tone but are also filled with natural vitamins and minerals that hydrate the skin, are anti-ageing and protect the skin against environmental damage. There are a few different options available depending on what your skin needs. The most used is the Veil Primer which is for your normal skin which just needs lines to be filled in and an even skin tone. The Green Primer is probably my favourite just because it amazes me how quickly the redness in the skin can disappear once it has been applied.

I had a wedding in Warmbaths in November and the flower girls had spent the day before and morning of the wedding in the swimming pool with no sunblock on. The bride asked me if I can please apply some foundation to their skin to take away the redness! So I first applied the Green Primer and told the girls to play around the room for a bit and I would then apply the foundation. Within 5 minutes the redness had disappeared.

Veil Primer - Bodyogrpahy

4. Gel Eye Liner Duo

I love using this on the top eye lid. Using a slanted eyeliner brush or any brush you prefer you can create a fine line or a dramatic thick line. This liner can also be smudged for a Smokey look. It is waterproof so you can use it on your waterline for a more dramatic look.


5. Dramat-Eyes Mascara

A primer and mascara in one. The primer feeds your lashes and keeps them healthy, it contains Vitamin B. The Mascara also contains Vitamin B and Shea Butter, it conditions your lashes and created volume. This product protects your lashes from free radicals and promotes lash growth.


6. Electric Lip SLides

A lipstick, lip gloss and lip stain in one! I absolutely love these. You can apply it lightly for a sheer look or layer it to get an intense look. It is not at all tacky and is very moisturising. I love using it in winter for dry cracked lips. You can also use it as a cream blusher. If you use the lip pencil first and then apply your lip slide you won’t need to touch up your lips that day.

Electric Lip Slides - Bodyography

7. Eyeliners and Lip Liners

There is nothing worse than using an eye pencil or lip pencil and they are hard! It feels like you are damaging your poor eyes or lips. The colours are intense and smudge able. I love using it for a Smokey rocker look.


8. Essential Brow Trio

Three shades of brown can be used as an eye shadow or to fill in brows. My new favourite product to fill in brows!


9. Canvas Eye Mousse

Use it as an eye primer before you put on your eye shadow or as a concealer under the eyes. If used under eye shadow it helps with blending, colour intensity and longevity of your eye shadow. This is also an anti-ageing product packed with Essential vitamins A, C, & E fight off free radicals, so it is definitely a must in every ones makeup bag!


10. Body Bronzer

This product is great for those days that you want to wear a summer outfit but you haven’t been able to go for a spray tan. It is a hydrating mineral body gloss that gives you a healthy summer tan all year round. You can mix it into some moisturiser for easier application or add it to your sunblock while you are at the beach or pool. It is a waterproof product so it will not rub off until you have a bath or shower. As with all of the Bodyography products the Body Bronzer is has amazing benefits for your skin containing Jojoba and Vitamin E to condition you skin, antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients. It also contains Jasmin which is calming to the skin. This product is also great for spider veins, bruises and discolouration. You can build up to the colour and cover you desire.

Body Bronzer - Bodyography

There you have it, my top 10 Favourite Bodyography Products. What are yours? Let me know in the comments or on my Facebook Page.

If you would like any more information on Bodyography or would like to book a workshop to learn how to do your own makeup please send me an email.




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