Tv/Film Makeup

Bringing a character to life

Tris has done makeup for a number of well-known local TV and film productions. Makeup in the film industry an important factor in bringing the character on screen out of the realm of mediocrity and bursting into life.

Using Kett Airbrush Makeup, her work is on par with the demands placed on modern makeup by HDTV technology. Airbrush Makeup also allows for greater creative scope to achieve realistic special-effect makeup.

Because HD cameras take footage at such depth and scope, TV/film makeup needs to match the resolution. Kett Airbrush Makeup creates tiny pixel-like dots on the skin as opposed to forming an unnatural layer of foundation. This allows the artist to create both life-like makeup and fantastically realistic special effects.

Airbrush Makeup is a skill in and of itself, it requires a keen eye and deft hand to apply effectively. Tris is a master of her craft, adding creative flair and beauty to each one of her creations.

Classic makeup that will stand the test of time.

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